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Victorian Inventions

It's a rainy Saturday afternoon just before Christmas of 1902 and you have taken advantage of some of the wonderful inventions Victorians can now enjoy.

Victorian Christmas Card. Date: circa 1902
Victorian Christmas Card. Date: circa 1902 © Archivist - stock.adobe.com

Unfortunately, your husband has had to make a run into the city, but he'll stay warm.

His 'macintosh', created by Charles Macintosh, will keep him dry.

Being able to use "The Tube" in Victorian London will also help.

Since Sir Rowland Hill's invention of the Penny Post, more stamps are needed as you have cards to send.

Victorian Postage Stamps
Victorian Postage Stamps © Andy Lidstone - stock.adobe.com

John Calcott Horsely has started the most lovely Christmas tradition... sending Christmas cards.

Another Christmas tradition your family is now enjoying are Christmas crackers, invented by Tom Smith.

The delight of your children as they scramble for the goodies inside always brings a smile.

It's time to start wrapping your Christmas gifts.

Your daughter has been asking for a kaleidoscope ever since they were invented by Sir David Brewster.

That was easy to cover in pretty paper.

Late Victorian Bicycle
Late Victorian Bicycle © Hein Nouwens - stock.adobe.com

Harder, however, is the pedal bicycle - another Victorian invention first produced by Kirkpatrick MacMillan.

Royal Albert Bridge (Brunel Bridge), Saltash. Date: 1890
Royal Albert Bridge (Brunel Bridge), Saltash. Date: 1890 © Archivist - stock.adobe.com

With family coming from Cornwall, via Brunel's Railway Bridge, expenses are being tallied with the help of the calculating machine invented by Charles Babbage.
Babbage's Calculating Machine. Date: 1820s
Babbage's Calculating Machine. Date: 1820s © Archivist - stock.adobe.com

The shorthand developed by Isaac Pitman is helping make short work of the shopping necessities.

Shorthand © villorejo - stock.adobe.com

As you're contemplating the menu, you have time to give a silent thank you to Sir Humphry Davy.

His Victorian invention of the safety lamp for coal miners is enabling your brother to be with you this holiday.

Davy Lamp
Davy Lamp © acrogame - stock.adobe.com

Unbeknownst to you, your husband has arranged a continental tour for the spring.

Thomas Cook invented this marvellous way to travel and under the tree for you is an excursion to Paris.

Postcard from Paris, France. Date: circa 1900
Postcard from Paris, France. Date: circa 1900 © denys_kuvaiev - stock.adobe.com

Suddenly there is a crisis.

While using the vacuum cleaner invented by Hubert Booth, the upstairs maid has discovered a problem. The china toilet formed by Thomas Twyford has developed a crack.

Isn't that just the way... just before company arrives?

Article by "Tudor Rose"

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