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Romantic Things To Do In Cambridge

Cambridge is a great place to visit with your family at any time of year, but there are some really special romantic places to go in the city if you are visiting as a couple!

Scudamores Punts
Scudamores Punts © Scudamores

Romantic Walks in Cambridge

It's always romantic to walk along a picturesque river with your loved one, and the River Cam is no exception.

There are many green spaces in Cambridge ideal for romantic strolls - they are called "commons", "greens" and "pieces". Many of these adjoin the River Cam, so you can combine a stroll across a green with a wander along the river.

The Backs
The Backs © alex brown via Flickr

Midsummer Common and Jesus Green are adjoining parks near to the centre of Cambridge, next to the southern bank of the river. They are ideal for strolling in when you want a romantic break from the bustle of the city centre.

Jesus Green
Jesus Green © kosala bandara via Flickr

There is a lovely walk along the river bank starting at Magdalene Bridge, through Quayside and Jesus Green, through Midsummer Common and Stourbridge Common (which can sometimes have animals grazing on it) and then on into the open countryside.

Mathematical Bridge
Mathematical Bridge © richard Gillin via Flickr

This part of the river is where the university rowing clubs are based, so you can watch the teams practising up and down the river.

The Cambridge Colleges

Cambridge is famous for its University with 31 autonomous colleges. The medieval colleges are particularly fascinating to visit, with beautiful ancient buildings, allowing a glimpse into the student life of the university. You can even stay overnight at some of the colleges for your romantic break, as long as it is not in term time.

St Johns Bridge
St Johns Bridge © kosala bandara via Flickr

All of the college chapels are open to visitors at certain times, with the most famous being King's College Chapel - a breath-taking architectural gem that you will want to admire together.

Kings College Chapel
Kings College Chapel © Mike Taylor via Unsplash

The famous colleges that you really should take your loved one to see are King's College (for its chapel), Trinity College (for its Great Court and Wren Library), St John's College (for its Bridge of Sighs) and Queen's College (for its Old Court and Mathematical Bridge).

There is an excellent description of all the colleges on our Things to Do in Cambridge page: 


Great St Mary's Tower

It's always romantic to gaze at a wonderful view with your loved one, and the tower at the Great St Mary's Church (in the Market Square right in the centre of Cambridge) is the best place to get fantastic views of the city.

Great St Marys Panorama
Great St Marys Panorama © Great St Marys Cambridge

Once you have climbed the one hundred and twenty three medieval steps, you will be rewarded with a great overview of the city of Cambridge.

Great St Marys
Great St Marys

Great St Marys in Spring
Great St Marys in Spring

Don't take our word for it that Great St Mary's Tower is one of the romantic places in Cambridge - the church reports to us that there have actually been proposals of marriage at the top of the tower!


Fitzwilliam Museum

This is a great place for art lovers to explore together - they have a huge range of works of art for you discover.

Fitzwilliam Museum Portico
Fitzwilliam Museum Portico © Fitzwilliam Museum

It is so romantic to wander through art galleries and admire paintings by famous artists such as Michelangelo, Rubens, Degas and Picasso...they also have ancient Egyptian relics, sculptures, ceramics and coins if paintings are not your thing!

Fitzwilliam Museum
Fitzwilliam Museum © Fitzwilliam Museum

A romantic present hint - work out what your loved one's favourite piece of art is when you visit the museum, and then when you get home you can order a print of it from the Fitzwilliam print service!

Fitzwilliam Museum Greek-Roman Gallery
Fitzwilliam Museum Greek-Roman Gallery © Fitzwilliam Museum

They have over 1500 different prints to choose from...


Romantic Activities in Cambridge

Punting along the River Cam

It's like a scene from a film or drama - floating slowly along the river together in a punt admiring the colleges and parks as they glide past.

Scudamores Punts
Scudamores Punts © Scudamores


You can rent a self-hire punt by the hour from Scudamores Punts - they have three different hire locations depending on which part of the river you want to explore.

Scudamores Punts
Scudamores Punts © Scudamores

Alternatively for the ultimate romantic river experience, you can hire a chauffeured punt from them for a romantic tour, which includes chilled Champagne and flowers!

A perfect place and time to pop the question?


Tandem Hire

Daisy, Daisy, Give me your answer do...
How about a romantic ride on a tandem round the historic streets of Cambridge?

Blue Yonder Tandems - seeing the colleges
Blue Yonder Tandems - Touring The Colleges © Blue Yonder Tandems

You can hire one for a day from Blue Yonder Tandem Hire, who will meet you anywhere in Cambridge to deliver your tandem to you.

Blue Yonder Tandems - shopping
Blue Yonder Tandems - Shopping © Blue Yonder Tandems

You will be given full instructions on how to operate the tandem, and Blue Yonder have put together some routes which allow you to take in the best bits of Cambridge on your tandem

Blue Yonder Tandems - resting
Blue Yonder Tandems - Resting © Blue Yonder Tandems

depending on the sort of sights you want to see - academic, equestrian or the fens...


Cambridge Food Tours

They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach - how about discovering the culinary delights of Cambridge on a foodies walking tour?

Cambridge Food Tours - Sicilian
Cambridge Food Tours - Sicilian Tasting © Cambridge Food Tours

Cambridge Food Tours will take you to the best places to enjoy delicious local food - from restaurants and cafes to market vendors - they'll only take you to the best.

Cambridge Food Tours - food in action!
Cambridge Food Tours - Food in Action! © Cambridge Food Tours

The daily (Mon-Fri) lunch tour will take you on a 3 hour (3 miles) walking tour of the hottest places to eat in Cambridge!

Cambridge Food Tours - Chelsea Buns
Cambridge Food Tours - Chelsea Buns © Cambridge Food Tours

They'll take you off the beaten track, away from the tourists, to really enjoy the best of Cambridge cuisine. All food on the tour is included in the price, and you are guaranteed a minimum of 14 tastes, with one alcohol or soft drink stop.

Cambridge Food Tours
Cambridge Food Tours © Cambridge Food Tours

The tastes on the tour include: Chelsea Bun, Sicilian delicacies, Street food, tasting at local deli and Scotch Egg at a local pub.


Cambridge Ghost Tours

A ghost tour is always a good excuse to hold your loved one tight!

Black Shuck Cambridge Ghost Tours will take you both on a tour of the darker side of Cambridge.

Cambridge Ghost Tours - College and Corpses
Cambridge Ghost Tours - College and Corpses © Cambridge Ghost Tours

You will be guided round the haunted sites of Cambridge by a ghost-hunter, a witch or magician, or a Victorian character, depending on which tour you choose to join.

Cambridge Ghost Tours - Haunted Cambridge
Cambridge Ghost Tours - Haunted Cambridge © Cambridge Ghost Tours

There are three tours to choose from: Wickedness and Witchcraft, Haunted Cambridge and Colleges and Corpses. Each tour lasts for 1 hour 45 minutes, and start at 7:30pm from Great St Mary's Church.

Cambridge Ghost Tours - Wickedness and Witchcraft
Cambridge Ghost Tours - Wickedness and Witchcraft © Cambridge Ghost Tours

The Colleges and Corpses Tour even has a love theme (so could be suitable for a romantic night out with a difference) - the tour is led by a Victorian Murderess who poisoned for love in 1850!

By the way, Black Shuck is a ghostly black dog who is said to the haunt the environs of Cambridge!



Don't forget there are lots of other romantic things to do in Cambridge, such as wandering hand in hand round the Botanic Gardens, checking out the Cambridge Literary Festival (in April), or popping into the Cambridge Blue pub to sample the Real Ale.

A Romantic Night Out in Cambridge

A night out at the theatre with your loved one is a great way to relax, and Cambridge has two excellent theatres where ou can see the latest plays: the ADC Theatre and the Cambridge Arts Theatre.

ADC Theatre

The ADC Theatre is the Cambridge University playhouse, administered and run by the University.

adc Theatre - All My Sons
ADC Theatre - All My Sons © Johannes Hjorth

Many of the most famous people in British theatre began their careers at the ADC - it is the home of the Cambridge Footlights, and four out of five of the recent directors of the National Theatre started their careers at the ADC.

adc Theatre - Rent
ADC Theatre - Rent © Johannes Hjorth

The theatre is the centre of university drama life, and if you go to see a play here, you can talent spot the stars of the future!

adc Theatre - Rent
ADC Theatre - Rent © Johannes Hjorth

The ADC Theatre showcases the best amateur drama that Cambridge has to offer, and often shows thought provoking and emotionally challenging productions for you to enjoy.


Cambridge Arts Theatre

The Cambridge Arts Theatre has a wide and varied selection of productions: drama, musicals, dance and comedy, including West-end productions (either before or after they appear in London).

Cambridge Arts Theatre Auditorium
Cambridge Arts Theatre Auditorium © Cambridge Arts Theatre

You could treat your other half to a night out at their latest production - the auditorium and bar areas have recently had a big £1.3 million make-over, so you'll be in for a real treat.

Cambridge Arts Theatre Maynard Bar
Cambridge Arts Theatre Maynard Bar © Cambridge Arts Theatre

There are three different bars to choose from - the Maynard Bar sells coffee and wine (and pre-ordered local food packages),

Cambridge Art Theatre - cosy sitting area for two
Cambridge Art Theatre - Cosy Sitting Area For Two © Cambridge Arts Theatre

and the Circle and Stalls Bars sell a range of beers, wines and spirits.


Dining Out

Midsummer House

If you want a really special meal out with your loved one, we suggest making a booking at Midsummer House.

Midsummer House
Midsummer House © Midsummer House

Midsummer House is a Michelin starred restaurant located in a gorgeous setting on the banks of the River Cam, on Midsummer Common.

Midsummer House
Midsummer House © Midsummer House

It is run by acclaimed chef Daniel Cifford, who has been Midsummer's owner since 1998.

Midsummer House
Midsummer House © Midsummer House

The restaurant is well known for its unique style of food featuring seasonal produce, and dishes which make the food taste as natural as possible.

Midsummer House
Midsummer House © Midsummer House

Daniel offers a choice of two menus: a gourmet menu of 8 courses, or a 5 course lunch menu, with ingredients sourced from local suppliers and a frequently changing menu.


Orchard Tea Garden

The Orchard Tea Garden is such a romantic place to take tea in the spring or summer - sitting on deck chairs amongst the old fruit trees.

Orchard Tea Garden
Orchard Tea Garden © Orchard Tea Garden

It is particularly delightful in Spring, when the fruit trees are blossoming.

It is a lovely walk through the water meadows from Cambridge, upriver along the Cam, to the Orchard Tea Garden in Grantchester.

Orchard Tea Garden
Orchard Tea Garden © Orchard Tea Garden

You'll be following in the footsteps of many famous Cambridge students and celebrities such as Rupert Brooke, Virginia Woolfe, Alan Turing, A.A. Milne, George Bernard Shaw, Stephen Hawking, King George VI, Stephen Fry and Sir David Attenborough.

If you feel adventurous, you could even punt there, then you'd really be arriving in style!

You can have breakfast (between 10 and 11:30) or lunch (between 11 and 3) at the Tea Garden, or you can indulge yourselves in a sumptuous cream tea (all day).

Orchard Tea Garden
Orchard Tea Garden © Orchard Tea Garden

Don't worry if the weather is not promising - the Orchard Tea Garden has tables available in their Rupert Brooke Room.


Galleria Restaurant

The Galleria Restaurant is in the perfect place to soak up Cambridge's unique atmosphere together after a hard day's sight-seeing!

Galleria Restaurant - balconies
Galleria Restaurant - Terraces © Galleria Restaurant

Overlooking St John's College and Magdalene College, at the foot of Magdalene Bridge, you can dine in style whilst watching University life go by.

Galleria Restaurant - interior
Galleria Restaurant - Interior © Galleria Restaurant

From either of the two terraces, together with your loved one, you can watch the punters passing by on the River Cam, and enjoy the river views.

Galleria Restaurant
Galleria Restaurant © Galleria Restaurant

The food is modern with a mediterranean feel - their signature dish is monkfish with king prawns and sweet chilli and coconut cream sauce.


Romantic Places to Stay

Hotel Felix

If you want to be pampered in luxury whilst on your romantic break in Cambridge, Hotel Felix is the place for you!

Hotel Felix
Hotel Felix © Hotel Felix

The hotel is in a beautiful Victorian mansion, with comfortable contemporary rooms, lots of plush soft furnishings, King size beds and stylish decor.

Hotel Felix
Hotel Felix © Hotel Felix

Hotel Felix is only one mile from the centre of Cambridge, and is set in lovely leafy gardens - a pefect place to get away from it all in luxury.

Hotel Felix
Hotel Felix © Hotel Felix

There are two dining rooms - Graffiti for an impressive sumptuous meal, or The Orangery for an intimate afternoon tea or a quick meal.

Hotel Felix
Hotel Felix © Hotel Felix

If the sun is shining, you can even eat outside on the Garden Terrace beneath the magnificent wisteria...


Christ's College Bed and Breakfast

Christ's College at the University offers romantic bed and breakfast stays in their medieval buildings, right in the heart of the city Centre - next to all the shops, restaurants and historic pubs. Many of their rooms overlook the lovely college gardens.


Fisherman's Lodge - Romantic Seclusion near Cambridge

If you want to get away from it all, you could stay at the Fisherman's Lodge cottage, which is only 15 miles from Cambridge city centre.

Fishermans Lodge - Interior
Fishermans Lodge - Interior © Sykes Cottages

You can have peace and quiet when you want it, and not be restricted by hotel timetables, and then easily travel in to see the sights of Cambridge at your leisure.

The cottage is set in beautiful countryside an easy drive from Cambridge.

It overlooks an idyllic fishing lake, with an open plan living area which has stunning views of the lake.

Fishermans Lodge - Windows with View
Fishermans Lodge - Windows with View © Sykes Cottages

There is a galleried bedroom with a spiral staircase, and a pretty garden with patio furniture and a BBQ.

If you can resist the lure of all the fun things to do in Cambridge, you can stay and take one of the lovely  romantic walks in the vicinity of the cottage (or you can fish in the lake for half price!).

Click Here for more information about Fisherman's Lodge 


Hopefully we've given you lots of romantic ideas for when you visit Cambridge with your loved one - there's always lots of things to do whatever the weather or season. 

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