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Natural History Museum

Cromwell Road
Greater London

Ever stared into the gaping jaws of a Tyrannosaurus rex, felt the devastating power of an earthquake or come face to face with a giant, moving scorpion? You will when you enter the amazing world of The Natural History Museum.Whatever you want to know about the natural world, you'll find the answer here. It's a unique museum dedicated to the fantastic story of our planet. Step inside and we'll take you on an unforgettable journey into Earth's past, present and future, exploring its many natural wonders - and uncovering a few of its mysteries too!

Animal, vegetable, mineral and more

Along the way you'll meet the most incredible creatures, both living and extinct. Some you'll know, others you could never even have imagined, except maybe in your nightmares. We'll show you how the jigsaw of life fits together and what happens when it falls apart. Take a trip with us into the centre of the Earth and out again to the far reaches of the universe and discover how our tiny world developed from a tiny, hot fireball into an incredibly diverse living planet. Remember, on our planet, nothing stays the same for long. See how its constantly changing and feel its earth-shattering power.

A Centre of Excellence

Thought by many to be the finest museum of nature in the World, the Natural History Museum opened its doors to the public in 1881. Today, the Museum holds a phenomenal 70 million specimens from all around the world, many displayed in the most imaginative way possible, often using the latest interactive technology.And that's not all. The Museum plays a significant role in the international scientific community. Behind the scenes, over 300 scientists are working to extend our knowledge of the natural world even further.Here are a few of the exhibits you'll find at the Natural History Museum:

The Pieces of Life's Jigsaw

Step into the leaf factory and discover how plants turn the sun's energy into food. The Ecology exhibition explores our complex environment and shows how all life on Earth is interlinked.

Meet the Dinosaurs

Enjoy a face to face encounter with the creatures that continue to excite the imagination of people all around the world. Discover the remarkable links that exist with many of today's animals.

Feel the Force

Explore the dynamic world beneath your feet, experience an earthquake and see what happens when a volcano erupts. Just remember to hold on tight!

Journey into the Centre of the Earth

Step onto the escalator and ride throught the huge Earth sculpture, suspended high above you. In the Earth Galleries, we'll reveal to you the many secrets of our planet from its beginnings in the "big bang", to its certain death in the future. Along the way explore the dramatic forces that shape the Earth and marvel at the riches within it.

Close Encounters of the Creepy Crawly Kind

Did you know that 80 percent of all animal species are arthropods? Meet giant spider crabs, eyelash mites and spiders galore and find out amazing facts about these important creatures.

The Biggest Animal - Ever

You won't believe your eyes when you come face to face with the blue whale, the largest creature ever to have lived. This is just one of the amazing mammals that you'll meet along the way - including yourself!

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