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Map of Woburn

Woburn is surrounded by wooded countryside and parkland with the Greensand Ridge running through the north western part of the parish. The town takes its name from its Saxon settlers - Wo meaning twisted or crooked - Burn meaning a stream. [more...]

What's near Woburn

  Woburn Abbey  2 Miles
  Woburn Safari Park  2 Miles
  Leighton Buzzard Railway  4 Miles
  Aspley Guise  2 Miles
  Bow Brickhill  2 Miles
  Great Brickhill  4 Miles
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Bed and Breakfast:
  Black Horse Cottage B & B  2 Miles
  Woodleys Farmhouse  2 Miles
  The White House  2 Miles
Self Catering:
  Lilly Cottage  8 Miles
  Town Farm Cottages  10 Miles
  The Mill  10 Miles
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  Whittlebury Park Campsite  17 Miles
  Whitfield Camping  20 Miles
  Bourn Golf and Country Club  27 Miles
TIC: Kidlington and District Information Centre     Tel: 01865 378 479  30 Miles

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Bed and Breakfast:
 2 Miles
 2 Miles
 2 Miles
Self Catering:
 8 Miles
 10 Miles
 10 Miles
 17 Miles
 20 Miles
 27 Miles