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We have been advertising with AboutBritain.com for 2 months now and are extremely pleased with the progress. We receive monthly reports with our web hits, click throughs, phone calls and email enquiries generated from AboutBritain website. This is interesting for us and most companies do not offer this facility.

It is great value for money and you are allowed to add up to 6 photos of your establishment on your page, which other companies will only allow 1. Keep the hits coming!

Sarah Jefferies - Kyte Lodge

Advertising your self catering property on AboutBritain.com is easy - and gets great results. You can reach our thousands of users direct, without paying commission to agencies.

If you're looking for serious enquiries that turn into bookings, a page on AboutBritain.com is the best investment you can make in your self catering business.


  • AboutBritain.com is one of the largest British Tourism web sites on the net, used by thousands of holidaymakers every day. But don't take our word for it - read on and we'll show you how to check our traffic against our competitors - with figures from an independent organisation.

  • You don't just get a listing, we create a full page about your property from information and photos you supply - a detailed presentation designed to show your property off to full effect. And it stays on the site for a whole year!

  • We even provide monthly statistics, so you can track the success of your advert - you'll know that it's delivering results.

Now you might think that a full page on a site as popular as AboutBritain.com would be prohibitively expensive. But that's not the case - you can advertise your Self Catering Property on AboutBritain.com for only £69 (incl VAT) - for a whole year!

Ready to book? - just click here - or read on to find out more.

A Superb Page

We've designed this advertising page to do one thing, and one thing only - get great results for you. And that means targeted enquiries that you can turn into bookings and repeat business. Why? We want you to renew your advert next year - and you'll only do that if you get results - so we have to deliver! Let's look in more detail at how we do it:

Take a look at all the great features of the page we'll build from the information you supply:

As you can see, we spare no effort to present your property to maximum effect. Unlike some other sites, we don't limit you to 200 words, or to 1 or 2 pictures, or charge extra to create your page. Everything you see above is included.

  • 500 word description

    You've put a lot of effort into your property - you want the space to describe it properly - AND to give a personal description of the surrounding area. We give you that space - and customers will appreciate it too. Remember - 500 words is just for the main description area - not the whole page.

  • Up to 7 photographs

    Why be restricted to one or two tiny photographs? Your property looks great - let's show it off! And why not include a couple of views of the surrounding area as well.

  • Property ID

    Every self-catering property on AboutBritain.com has a unique four digit number which users can use to return instantly to properties that interest them - ideal when discussing their choice with the family.

  • Tourist Board Rating

    If you have a rating from your tourist board, it is shown here.

  • Link to your own site

    You can choose to add a link to your own web site, so that you can give potential visitors even more information.

  • Accommodation and Facilities

    Detailed information about all the rooms in your property, and how they are furnished. There's also space for information on fuel and power, all the features and facilities available, and local shops and amenities.

  • Link to Map & "Nearby" Attractions

    Each page includes a link to a map - and to a special page of Nearby Attractions. This page is a constantly-updated list of the Attractions and Towns nearest to your property from the AboutBritain.com database. So customers can plan how they will spend their holiday while staying in your property - a feature unique to AboutBritain.com

  • Guest Book

    This is a scrolling area of the page, for comments and testimonials from your previous customers. These are supplied by yourself, and cannot be entered or changed on our site, so you are in complete control.

  • Contact, Tracking and Statistics

    At the foot of the page, customers can choose to contact you either by telephone or by email, by pressing one of two buttons.

    The "Telephone" button pops up a form with your number in both UK and international formats - along with a reminder to quote "AboutBritain.com" when calling. This is to assist you in tracking the effectiveness of this advert.

    The "Email" button pops up a form for the prospective customer to type their booking enquiry, and give you their contact details. Your email address is not shown. This is important, because sites that show your email address leave you open to "harvesting" of that address by spammers - and the next thing you know you're wading through a deluge of junk emails. Our system protects you from that threat. The email you receive will show that it originated from AboutBritain.com - once again helping you to track the success of your advertisement.

  • Detailed Statistics

    Our systems log the number of people who click through to your web site, request your telephone number, or send you an email from your page. We send you a monthly summary of these stats by email. Once again, helping you to track the success of your campaign.

We're sure you'll agree, the page we create for you does everything possible to promote your self catering property.

Ready to book? - just click here - or read on to find out more.

High Traffic Site

When you're looking for a web site to advertise on, there are several things to consider: Design, Price, but perhaps most important of all is Traffic. After all if a site doesn't have anyone viewing it - it doesn't matter how nice your ad looks - nobody will book.

If you've advertised on the net before - you've probably had mixed results - some good, some disappointing. Chances are that's because the poor performing sites just didn't have the traffic in the first place - whatever their claims - but how could you know this in advance?

Welcome to the Web Pro's Secret Weapon - Alexa.com:

Alexa.com ranks virtually all the sites on the web according to how much traffic they've had over the past 3 months. And you can get this information - free! It's the web marketing pro's secret weapon. And once you know about it, you can check the rank of any site you're interested in. Just go to

and enter the address of the site you're looking for. You can even get a graph of traffic over the past year! And it's completely independent information - so you won't have to take anyone's word for their traffic stats in future.

In fact, rather than get into an "arms race" with sites which obviously inflate their traffic claims - we don't quote hits, page views and the like any more. We just say "Check out Alexa" - compare us to our competitors - to your local tourist board - to any site you currently advertise on. The figures will speak for themselves.

If you've advertised on the net before, check out the other sites you appear on. You'll probably find a pretty good correlation between their traffic rank on Alexa, and the results you experience. So in future you'll know what to expect BEFORE you part with your hard-earned cash.

There are roughly 16 million active sites on the net (and many more inactive ones!). Don't forget that Alexa's figure is a RANKING - so smaller numbers are better. At the time of writing, Yahoo.com is ranked number 1.

Here's our latest Alexa Traffic Ranking: (out of approx. 16,000,000 sites on the Internet)

You'll find we're always well above most of our competitors, and well within the top 1% of all sites on the net!

Ready to book? - just click here - or read on to find out more.

Maximum Exposure

Ok, so we'll build you a great, informative page - on a site with loads of traffic. What else will we do to make it a success?

Make sure people see it of course! Your page isn't only attractively designed, it's woven into the fabric of the site, making it easy for our users (your potential customers) to find:

The Self Catering section itself is carefully designed to maximise ease of use. Whether people prefer to search for their ideal property, or to browse attractive lists of properties with thumbnail photos, the Self Catering directory works well for them.

And the navigation is continuously optimised to ensure that the properties are as easy to find as possible. So as the number of properties in the directory grows, new categories and areas will appear - maximising ease of use.

But it's not just people within the Self Catering section of AboutBritain.com who will see your property. If you look at our Attraction pages, and our Towns, you'll see that we offer a selection of "Nearby Self-Catering" - on each page.

This catches the eye of people who are still researching where to go for their holiday - and haven't yet booked anywhere to stay. Remember people choose where to go, before they choose where to stay - that's why you'll get bookings from people who never reach the Self-Catering-only directories. Perhaps that's why advertising on AboutBritain.com is so effective?

The superb depth of tourist information on AboutBritain.com has made us one of the most popular British Tourism sites on the web. Placing your property onto the tourist information pages leverages this popularity for your benefit. Result? More bookings for you. At no extra charge. Only on AboutBritain.com.

I have been very pleased with the enquiries that I have received via your website, have taken many bookings and so have met some charming people. I am now beginning to get 'returners' and so am busy for most of the time that I want to be.

Charlotte Holmes - Hannah's Cottage


So here, in a nutshell, is what makes advertising on AboutBritain.com so effective compared to other sites:

  • Superb page with up to 7 photos and up to 500 words of description
  • Link to your own web site
  • Multiple Properties (within same postcode)
  • Anti-spam Email contact facility
  • Customised page of "Nearby Attractions" - unique to your property
  • Monthly Stats Reports by Email
  • Listing (with photo) in Self Catering section
  • Listing (with photo) in "Nearby" section of Attractions and Towns
  • All on a very-high-traffic site

Is there any other site that gives you all this for £69 a year (incl VAT) - no hidden extras - £69 includes everything you see above!

You won't be surprised to learn that we have an enviable track record when it comes to delivering bookings. Thousands of people book their accommodation through AboutBritain.com - isn't it time you got your share?

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